Sep. 1st, 2010

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Almost every sheet of my handmade paper dried hard and thick like paper egg cartons. I had to figure out something to do with it.

Monday night I was thinking that if I could turn them into anything my heart desires, I'd want them to be mini birdhouses. I fussed for a while trying to make a pattern. But I knew that while I was capable of creating a working pattern, I really didn't have that much enthusiasm for the venture. If I could find a pattern, that would be much, much better.

Found some really cute patterns for felt mini birdhouses being sold by Trillium Hills Design. Her patterns adapted quite easily to my usage (though her felt houses are much cuter).

Here's my first attempt. Its little roof and base aren't glued on yet. I discovered pretty quickly that the school glue I was using had no holding power with this paper. So, this was even more of an experiment than I'd planned. (The bits of ribbon were added to help hold things together.)

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Well, my first ever oil painting class--and the first art class I've taken in nineteen years!--has come to an end. And I'm way behind in documenting my progess with this painting.

It's still not done, but it's really close now. And Deb, my teacher, gave me some input yesterday that's already made huge improvements in the part of this painting that's been bugging me all along: the orange side of Mer's face.

(Also, Deb showed us a painting that she's been working on as a value study to show to another of her classes--guess they're having problems understanding values. OMG. It looked amazing. Just shirts hanging in a closet, but they looked so crisp and like linen, like I could just reach in and feel the cool smoothness of the fabric.)

(And if anyone's keeping track, the topic of discussion for Class 5 was adding details and the discussion for Class 6 was varnishing. I plan to sign up for this class again tomorrow.)

I think I'll wait until she's finished before doing a post that really documents the progress of the details. For right now...

Last time you saw her on the left, now on the right.

(Once again, I was having some difficulty with my lighting. She's prettier in person.)

my desk

Sep. 1st, 2010 11:33 am
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A bright piece of oilcloth under my tabletop easel makes the desk much more happy (and me, too).

Got the oilcloth from The Fabric Farm.

Maybe I could still paint the fronts of the desk drawers orange...


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