Sep. 14th, 2010

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More people joined the class since I called the Center on Friday. There are five students. Marion, from last time, decided to join. There is also Dean, Eliane, and Margaret. (Please note that I am so proud of myself for catching everyone's name this time 'round.)

As this session is the color theory/mixing class, I mostly did my own thing. It was interesting to see what was done differently this time, though. The sample pictures were different and I really enjoyed looking at those.

I brought my Checotah painting in. Haven't touched it in several weeks. Before everyone else arrived, Deb and I discussed it and what my plan of attack would be for the session. Then I spent the session adding color (in a rather haphazard fashion). I didn't do much with color in the last class. The Mermer painting is basically black & white with a bit of earth tones. So, I was feeling a bit at sea while mixing up my colors. And I've gotten used to painting with adding medium to the mix. Going back to simply paint thinned with a bit of solvent meant my color application was a bit too wet and thin.

No photos for now. Haven't had a chance to look at it under good light yet. It was fun, just surprisingly more challenging than I expected. (And you know what's really weird? Cadmium Red Light and Ultramarine make a really good Chickie-dog color.)


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