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By my best guess, Anu spends at least twelve hours a day on the ironing board. The original cover was ruined because it was non-washable.

Two weeks ago, I made a new, unbleached-muslin fitted cover for it. (My ironing board is three inches wider than standard, and I could not find a cover for purchase, not even from where I bought the board.) Then I made a cover for the cover. It's non-fitted. Just a big rectangle with canvas on one side and a fabric I thought Anu would look pretty sprawled upon on the other. It's clipped to the board and can be easily rolled back as needed. (Or could be easily rolled back, but it's not so easy to actually remove Anu-chan from the board.)

Here is Anu on the day I made the covers.

Haven't really sewn since then, in part because every time I want the ironing board, Anu's on it. And when I try to pick her up, she cries miserably and tries her damnedest to increase her density. (I swear she feels a lot heavier than eleven pounds when I'm try to pry her up off the board.)

Last night I made some pillowcases for practice. It's using two methods I've never tried before so that there are no exposed raw edges. (Wouldn't need to try it if I had a serger, but I don't sew enough to justify a serger.) I want to use those techniques in making other things later. One is French seams. The other is... well, I don't know its name... the burrito method?

Here's some rather out-of-focus pictures. The pillowcases look a bit lame because my pillow is much smaller than standard size (and I love it so ^_^), and the two other cases are filled with bags of polyfill from off my storage shelf. They're pretending to be pillows. (Obviously, if I want a pretty, pretty day bed, I'll have to get proper pillows at some point.)

And this last picture shows the seams.

They took a lot longer than a normal pillowcase would take, but I really like how those seams work out. And there were four or five stages where I had to stop everything for a bout of ironing. And every single time, I had to pry my poor kitty away from her ironing board and break her little kitty heart. T_T

Oh, my Anu is so spoiled. ♥
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