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The workshop I really wanted to go to on Saturday was canceled because I was the only person who signed up for it. :(

Talked with my painting teacher, though, and she's going to talk a bit in tonight's class about the style covered in the workshop. And perhaps that will get some others interested and next month's workshop on the same topic will have more people.

With the cancellation, I sewed instead of painting. On Friday, I bought a pattern/tutorial for making fabric bins from Nestings. I made thirteen bins this weekend. For friends at work: two with pumpkins, two with leaves. For my mother: two with snails. For me: seven in yellow linen. I'll be making a bunch more for me. (The seven for me hold 47 volumes of Naruto.)

I also cut two pairs of curtains from IKEA down and re-hemmed them. They're very cute. I'd post a picture, but unfortunately, they fell down already. I need to figure out how to span a five-feet-wide window with them--without a center brace--and make it strong enough that a kitty sneaking through the curtains isn't enough to pull the whole thing down. Using a tension-mount shower curtain rod did not do the trick.
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Some veggies I crochetted from cotton yarn this weekend. (It's been so long since I last crochetted that it made my hands ache. That's why there's not more.) There's a cabbage, too, but I'm not quite happy with it yet. These are for my nephew who is really going to wonder when he is older why his auntie keeps giving him veggie-themed gifts.

Pattern purchased from CraftyAnna. The cauliflower was tricky, but I love how it looks. I think the radish is adorable, too.

my desk

Sep. 1st, 2010 11:33 am
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A bright piece of oilcloth under my tabletop easel makes the desk much more happy (and me, too).

Got the oilcloth from The Fabric Farm.

Maybe I could still paint the fronts of the desk drawers orange...
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Almost every sheet of my handmade paper dried hard and thick like paper egg cartons. I had to figure out something to do with it.

Monday night I was thinking that if I could turn them into anything my heart desires, I'd want them to be mini birdhouses. I fussed for a while trying to make a pattern. But I knew that while I was capable of creating a working pattern, I really didn't have that much enthusiasm for the venture. If I could find a pattern, that would be much, much better.

Found some really cute patterns for felt mini birdhouses being sold by Trillium Hills Design. Her patterns adapted quite easily to my usage (though her felt houses are much cuter).

Here's my first attempt. Its little roof and base aren't glued on yet. I discovered pretty quickly that the school glue I was using had no holding power with this paper. So, this was even more of an experiment than I'd planned. (The bits of ribbon were added to help hold things together.)

Photobucket Photobucket
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I wonder how difficult it would be to paint my desk in a similar manner to this.

I don't need a side table, but this looks so cool. It's being sold here:
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I think some sellers over at Etsy might need lessons in how to best use their dogs as sales agents.

For example:

Nice use of dog. Nice dog, too. Looks like a young Checotah.

Um. Questionable use of dog. Though making the pot lid look like a beret is amusing, dogs and food prep items are not a match made in heaven (much to dogs' disappointment, I'm sure).

... Nice dog. Looks like Charlotte. I can't imagine any human wants to wear this now. Makes my neck itch looking at it. And unfortunately for glam-loving dogs, I don't think this would be safe for them to wear for long...
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I like to poke fun at all of the "OMG, it's so ugly, why would anyone make/buy that!?!" things on Etsy. But, you know, it might be good for my little crafty soul to point out some things that I really like, too.

Some things I admired this week:

rockitbot - has a great-looking line of iPod/random small electronics holders/accessories in a variety of fabrics

(I ordered one of these in a different fabric.)

nutandbee - adorable digital prints

Donna Harkins - I like her paintings (especially the cat ones) and she sells prints as well

coolbeans717 - very cool iPod/iPhone cases

ArtChiz - lots of prints of her paintings, Pop art style

LaurenAdamsArt - I really like her painting style

jackandjane - lots of cute hair clips/ties and other things all along these lines

marthasmakes - this mouse is out of my price range, but so very cute


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