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Almost every sheet of my handmade paper dried hard and thick like paper egg cartons. I had to figure out something to do with it.

Monday night I was thinking that if I could turn them into anything my heart desires, I'd want them to be mini birdhouses. I fussed for a while trying to make a pattern. But I knew that while I was capable of creating a working pattern, I really didn't have that much enthusiasm for the venture. If I could find a pattern, that would be much, much better.

Found some really cute patterns for felt mini birdhouses being sold by Trillium Hills Design. Her patterns adapted quite easily to my usage (though her felt houses are much cuter).

Here's my first attempt. Its little roof and base aren't glued on yet. I discovered pretty quickly that the school glue I was using had no holding power with this paper. So, this was even more of an experiment than I'd planned. (The bits of ribbon were added to help hold things together.)

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I experimented with making paper this weekend.

I learned that it isn't hard, but it's time-consuming and messy... and my cat likes to walk across drying paper. O_O

This was a couple old 'zines that I didn't like and some bits of cotton yarn. The yarn did not behave as expected. Shall try something a bit different with the yarn next time.

The front. Doesn't look too bad. (In real life, it's light gray, not pinkish.)

The back... looks like a microscope slide with bacteria on it...

(The full-size pictures are larger than life.)


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