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Shopping online for quilt fabric has its downside, mainly shipping costs and sometimes wildly inaccurate color photographs. (Recently, I bought two completely different-looking solid yellow fabrics from the same shop and when they arrived, they were indistinguishable from each other. *frowns*) But it has many advantages, too.

Saves a lot of gas, not running around to quilt shops (which are rare, spread far apart, and often open at hours incompatible with a M-F, 8-5 job). And a much wider variety fabrics. (Oh, how I dream of somehow clumping my five or six favorite etsy fabric shops together and making them one brick-and-mortar shop just next door to me.)

Not sure if this is an advantage or disadvantage: It also means that when you run into Jo-Ann Fabrics because you need a nice, simple red & white backing fabric for a baby quilt, you're suddenly stunned and totally unimpressed by what they have available. I was so underwhelmed. And I expected red & white to be easy. I ended up with a bright yellow fabric (that will be totally adorable, but I don't want to spoil the surprise of the pattern for now). And that almost didn't happen, either. Some one had put a pre-cut length back on the bolt and the lady helping me and I had an O___O "There's not going to be enough!" moment. Ended up with just enough, plus two inches left over.

I think, if there hadn't been enough of that, I wouldn't have been happy with any other fabric there. I'm so spoiled.
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A simple baby quilt that I want to have ready to go for machine quilting next week. (Because the woman who I'm hoping will quilt it has quite a queue.)

Plan to piece the border strips tonight. Then I just need to decide on whether or not I want multiple borders.

This is a yard of the red and one charm pack from Moda's Bliss line. The colors are a bit washed out in the first photo. The second shows them much better.
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Cut for many pictures. )

Nooshie grabbed the bow and tugged the gift along a ways.

Happy Holidays!
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I took clearer photos of the four baskets (made two weekends ago) that I'm donating to my mother's church bazaar.

And here's last night's project. The pattern for these little gift bags came from The little blurb advertising the pattern on the site showed a photo of three bags and said something like "based on lunch sacks, these bags can practically be whipped up over a lunch break!" (Not the exact wording because I can't find the original page where I saw that blurb, but close enough.)

Very misleading including that blurb with a photo of three bags! As you can see, I still haven't sewn a button on the last bag, and I worked on them from 7:00 - 10:30 last night, and then spent half an hour this morning on them as well.



I used some fat quarters that I'd bought for making baskets, but then discovered the pattern on the fabric was very directional in the wrong direction for the baskets. I'll use these for a couple gifts to my team members at work.

I followed the directions on the pattern (which ends up with something really fancy for how small it is, with a full lining and even some hand-stitching in the lining). Next time, I know another way to do it that should look the same and be faster. I think it's weird though, that they have you spending all that time making such a nice lining for such a tiny bag, and then the directions say to cut out a piece of heavy cardboard and place it in the bottom of the finished bag. Um. That's not pretty. No cardboard in these.
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I made 14 Christmas baskets/bins this weekend--as many as I could make with the interfacing I had on hand. They're easy to make, but still rather time-intensive if you're careful about getting the first couple of seams to line up right. I think in the end, it averaged out to be about 50 minutes a bin. (Could have been a tiny bit faster if the kitty didn't keep trying to help.)

They still need one more pressing (to steam out the creases made when flattening their bottoms). And I need to decide (for when I give them as gifts) if they should be presented standing straight up or folded over. (The ladies who received my autumny ones seem to prefer them folded over.)

Here's cell-phone pics. (I'm waiting for a replacement cord for my better camera.)


Some of these have an intended recipient, some are just going randomly to ladies in the office. I need to make more! First, though, I hope to figure out how to fix the thread tension problem on my sewing machine.
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A small bento bag for Sami. Turned out a little smaller than I intended, because I was adapting a pattern on the fly (to have it be reversible) and cut the fabric before I thought everything through.

Both fabrics are from the Chopsticks Please line by Robert Kaufman fabrics. The red is really hard to get now, though. Wish I had more!

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By my best guess, Anu spends at least twelve hours a day on the ironing board. The original cover was ruined because it was non-washable.

Two weeks ago, I made a new, unbleached-muslin fitted cover for it. (My ironing board is three inches wider than standard, and I could not find a cover for purchase, not even from where I bought the board.) Then I made a cover for the cover. It's non-fitted. Just a big rectangle with canvas on one side and a fabric I thought Anu would look pretty sprawled upon on the other. It's clipped to the board and can be easily rolled back as needed. (Or could be easily rolled back, but it's not so easy to actually remove Anu-chan from the board.)

Here is Anu on the day I made the covers.

Haven't really sewn since then, in part because every time I want the ironing board, Anu's on it. And when I try to pick her up, she cries miserably and tries her damnedest to increase her density. (I swear she feels a lot heavier than eleven pounds when I'm try to pry her up off the board.)

Last night I made some pillowcases for practice. It's using two methods I've never tried before so that there are no exposed raw edges. (Wouldn't need to try it if I had a serger, but I don't sew enough to justify a serger.) I want to use those techniques in making other things later. One is French seams. The other is... well, I don't know its name... the burrito method?

Here's some rather out-of-focus pictures. The pillowcases look a bit lame because my pillow is much smaller than standard size (and I love it so ^_^), and the two other cases are filled with bags of polyfill from off my storage shelf. They're pretending to be pillows. (Obviously, if I want a pretty, pretty day bed, I'll have to get proper pillows at some point.)

And this last picture shows the seams.

They took a lot longer than a normal pillowcase would take, but I really like how those seams work out. And there were four or five stages where I had to stop everything for a bout of ironing. And every single time, I had to pry my poor kitty away from her ironing board and break her little kitty heart. T_T

Oh, my Anu is so spoiled. ♥
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Some recent photos of questionable quality from my phone. Don't know why I didn't grab my proper camera for most of these...

cut for nine pics )
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I've worked on the newt underpainting for two class sessions now. The rest of the time it has been living in my car. (That's why this is such a weird photo.) Kinda like it with the crazy blue. Hope I still like it when the blue starts turning other colors.
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is not that you buy lots of cute fabric to make him things. It's that his grandmother also buys lots of cute fabric to make him things. She's made him at least two quilts. She's currently making another... and I've just bought these:

I want to make a quilt. I'll probably be making pillowcases and toys instead.

All these fabrics are from the same designer, David Walker. Oh so cute. He's also got fabric with little boys and basketballs and puppies. I think the puppies are cute, but as his crazy auntie, I'm steering him more towards the sci-fi side than the butch side.


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