Sep. 23rd, 2010

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I missed this Monday's class.

I was out from work for the day, too. I was building shelves this weekend and maybe using the wrong tools for the job, so I ended up aching all over and really blistering up my hands. Sunday and Monday I couldn't really hold anything without pain. (I've still got some twinges now and holding the steering wheel isn't all that fun, but my hands are much, much better.) Felt really rotten for missing the class, and also sad that it's been about a week now since I've painted. I really want it to be an every day thing.

I've signed up for a three-hour workshop this Saturday called "Two Paintings in Three Hours." It's from the same instructor, but it's alla prima style, which I'm really interested in trying.

I'm also pondering another class offered for the Saturdays in October. It's with a different instructor. I think getting instruction from various sources at this stage would be a very good thing, but I wonder if it would be overkill? There'd be several weeks there where I'd have two classes a week and I'd really need to be painting on the off days, too.

I'm really enjoying painting. Think it's bringing a lot of really positive, creative energy into my life. But will it be inspiring or will it be burn out? (Also, I'm thinking of cramming in an extra class or workshop now because I know what a total wimp I am about winter driving. Once the snow starts flying, I'm not taking classes.)


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