Sep. 27th, 2010

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The workshop I really wanted to go to on Saturday was canceled because I was the only person who signed up for it. :(

Talked with my painting teacher, though, and she's going to talk a bit in tonight's class about the style covered in the workshop. And perhaps that will get some others interested and next month's workshop on the same topic will have more people.

With the cancellation, I sewed instead of painting. On Friday, I bought a pattern/tutorial for making fabric bins from Nestings. I made thirteen bins this weekend. For friends at work: two with pumpkins, two with leaves. For my mother: two with snails. For me: seven in yellow linen. I'll be making a bunch more for me. (The seven for me hold 47 volumes of Naruto.)

I also cut two pairs of curtains from IKEA down and re-hemmed them. They're very cute. I'd post a picture, but unfortunately, they fell down already. I need to figure out how to span a five-feet-wide window with them--without a center brace--and make it strong enough that a kitty sneaking through the curtains isn't enough to pull the whole thing down. Using a tension-mount shower curtain rod did not do the trick.


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