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The colors in this painting are getting wilder. It's even more violet in person (the lighting in that room is yellowy). I wasn't too sure about this technique for adding texture when I was working on it in class, but I think it's another example of my liking the painting better when I've taken several steps away from the easel.

Wonder if I can get this done by Halloween...
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Inspiration photo

The Chickie underpainting as last we saw it, several weeks ago.

After Monday night's class... (taken Tuesday afternoon, you can see in the close-up that a good chunk of her hind leg is still wet)

After about an hour and a half Tuesday evening. I'm being pretty sloppy at this point. Still trying to get a feel for what I want to do with the color and texture.
(This photo was taken this morning. I made no changes to the color of Checotah herself last night--nor to the big, big rocks in the back ground. The differences in color there between this and the last pic is the difference between afternoon light and morning light in my apartment.)
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More people joined the class since I called the Center on Friday. There are five students. Marion, from last time, decided to join. There is also Dean, Eliane, and Margaret. (Please note that I am so proud of myself for catching everyone's name this time 'round.)

As this session is the color theory/mixing class, I mostly did my own thing. It was interesting to see what was done differently this time, though. The sample pictures were different and I really enjoyed looking at those.

I brought my Checotah painting in. Haven't touched it in several weeks. Before everyone else arrived, Deb and I discussed it and what my plan of attack would be for the session. Then I spent the session adding color (in a rather haphazard fashion). I didn't do much with color in the last class. The Mermer painting is basically black & white with a bit of earth tones. So, I was feeling a bit at sea while mixing up my colors. And I've gotten used to painting with adding medium to the mix. Going back to simply paint thinned with a bit of solvent meant my color application was a bit too wet and thin.

No photos for now. Haven't had a chance to look at it under good light yet. It was fun, just surprisingly more challenging than I expected. (And you know what's really weird? Cadmium Red Light and Ultramarine make a really good Chickie-dog color.)
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It took well over two hours last night to get from this:

to this:

but it was worth it.

Still have a long way to go, but I feel more confident now that I can do it.

Had to use much smaller brushes than the last time I tried to do her head. And instead of trying to do discrete blocks (blobs?) of different shades of yellow brown, I tried filling in a larger area--well, large only like less than half a square inch can be--completely with one shade, then waiting for the paint to set a bit, and then going in to add darker and lighter bits on top.
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Poor Checotah. I overdo it with all the painting Tuesday, but she's the one to suffer.

So, it was a good thing I had this canvas ready. The teacher did ask about a second canvas and I was able to pull it out and say I was all set to go. She complimented the composition and the sketch, too, which was very nice to hear. (She doesn't need to know how I angsted over the composition for two weeks, right?)

I was up early to finish the sketch and stayed up late to get as far as I did on the underpainting. I had the whole canvas covered at one point, though you'll see that's not how I left things...

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I was angsty last night because I thought I needed another canvas ready to work on in class today just in case I had time leftover from working on the Mermer painting. During the first class, I'd tentatively decided on a picture of Checotah (a.k.a. Chickie) as my second class painting, but I've been fighting with that decision since. The only ways I really wanted to crop the picture would not fit on a standard-sized canvas.


I settled on a square canvas last week, but because I wasn't thrilled with the composition, I didn't want to waste a big canvas on it. I had it all sketched out on a 10" x 10" canvas. (Or was it an 8" x 8"? Whatever. It was small and cramped and it didn't make me happy.) Erased it as best I could.

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